25 Oct

Right now, no business is booming as online retailing. As businesses learn what is important to customers, convenience has become quite a top contender. As a result, the presence of the Internet and the possibility of virtual trading has made it possible for most of the business is to go online. A lot of small businessmen are shying away from having physical locations for their supplies but instead choose to register on online trading platforms where they can sell their goods virtually. This is quite good for the businessman because it could possibly spare them the cost of renting out an office to conduct their business. Now, while this may sound like such a golden opportunity, everything comes with its pros and cons and for this particular case, trademark infringement is the possible con.

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You’re probably familiar with the term trademark and your understanding of this term is very helpful in understanding trademark infringement in the context of the law. Trademark infringement can come in terms of a claim that your product name is to similar to another existing brand. It can also be in the form of your company or business name. In this case, the trademark infringement claim is that your business name is to similar to another existing one in a way that would confuse customers. This is especially common with online trading platforms simply because there are thousands of vendors and it is possible that the product you supply or the name of the business may be similar enough to another one to warrant a trademark infringement claim. Usually, this claim will either come directly from the trading facilitator in this case the owner of the website or the enabler or it can come from an attorney representing a third-party possibly another one of the vendors in this platform.

Now that you understand what trademark infringement is, it is very important to be familiar and well-versed with trademark law and especially if you intend or are already dealing as a vendor in online trade. Your knowledge of this type of law will come in handy just in case you get such infringement claim. Your understanding will enable you to handle the situation in the right way and you will be in a better position to give a good response either to the attorney of the third party of the trading facilitator. It is important to stay informed so that you know exactly how a trademark infringement claim would implicate you as a vendor. Know how to respond to an amazon trademark infringement.

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